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Enough With The Sick

TL;DR: I've been pretty dang sick since Wednesday and I've had QUITE ENOUGH OF IT.

I've got people to see, and things to do! I can't just be huddled up in a ball in my chair or on the couch!

There's this constant pressure to GO DO BE. But my body is like... uggh, hook up the XBOX? WAY TOO MUCH WORK. Walk two blocks to get food? What am I, superman? Look up that anime Ross recommended? Wooorkkkk. Actually doing work? Woorrrkkk.

But like I'm kind of hungry. And Megan is coming over later. And I have so many plans for tomorrow.

Maybe the tl;dr: should really be "I'm incapable of relaxing". I can't say "Well, I'm sick, everything hurts, I'll just sit here and watch some TV." Too boring! Too slow! Though I did reach a point the other day when I was just too tired to sit on the computer any more. I'm doing better than that, *I GUESS*.

I'm going to try to take a bath, see if that helps.

This has been, for the record, a super bad cold. Fever's been nothing to write home about, but achiness, disturbed sleep, coughing, and so much swollen lymph nodes. Also lasting for many days. NOT COOL BRO.